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Trainer - Chelsie Parrell

"Training Classes - Spring 2016"

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Training Classes

Puppy Class

For puppies 8 weeks to 6 months (60 minute class, 6 weeks, $100)

This class will focus on foundation work for proper manners and obedience. It will also start teaching the sit, down, stay, heel, look, recall, and leash walking. We will discuss basic training tools, puppy issues, and how to properly socialize your new family member. Part of each class will include puppy play group.

Obedience Basic

For puppies and dogs over 16 weeks of age (60 minute class, 6 weeks, $100)

This class will focus on manners and obedience training. It will work on sit, down, stay, heel, look, recall, and leash walking. We will work with some distractions and work towards lengthening the behaviors. This class is completely on leash and will have no direct dog socialization.

Obedience Advanced

For dogs who have passed Obedience Basic (60 minute class, 6 weeks, $100)

This class will work on increased distractions and extended obedience. We will review and work on sit, down, stay, heel, look, recall, stand, figure 8, quarter turns, finish, and leash walking. We will do some of these items off leash and will work towards sequences and extended behaviors.

Agility Basic

60 minute class (6 weeks, $90)

This class is for people who are interested in introducing agility to their dog. Dogs in the class must be at least 5 months old and must not get overly stimulated by dogs running past them. It will introduce your dog to many different exercises and teach your dog to work with you through a course. Most work will be on leash but a reliable recall is important.

Lure Coursing

Weekly ( $5 per run per dog)

Lure coursing is a fun sport that lets your dog expel their natural desire to chase something. The lure coursing course is set up in an open field with up to 3 dogs running at a time. Dogs who are not dog friendly can be run separately. The course can also be set up for young dogs with limited turns to help build their drive. This is a weekly drop in style class. Packages can also be purchased for a discount.

Private Training

$40 per session

Private training is available for dogs of any age. Whether it be for a simple behavior modification, to accommodate your schedule, or to work one on one on specific things....this is tailored completely to your goals with your dog.

Past Obedience Classes

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